Watch the Next Level Leadership Recap to Discover how you can...
ACCOMPLISH MORE in 100 Days Than The AVERAGE Man Does In 1 YEAR
....So you can LEAD your FAMILY, BUSINESS, and most importantly YOURSELF with CERTAINTY AND POWER
The Life You Want, The Business You Want... The Family That You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled By Your Capacity To LEAD!
From the Desk of Raul Villacis:
Everyone these days is looking for significance. People are obsessed with followers... But the world doesn’t need more FOLLOWERS, the world needs more LEADERS! 

Most people don’t INVEST enough time and resources to train themselves to LEAD BETTER. That’s why the world is obsessed with FOLLOWERS... But the ones who make a difference are LEADERS!
It's TIME for you to LEAD with POWER and the only way to do it to be surrounded by leaders that are not chasing success but are pursuing greatness.  

If you're a leader looking for the next level I want to invite you to join us.

Please Check All Of The Statements Where Your Answer Is YES!
I'm a man looking for guidance in business and life, but have no one to push me.
I have higher standards than those around me and don't relate to the average person.
I'm a leader and I want to EXPAND but I need to sharpen my skills and better network.
I'm successful on the outside, but inside I feel like something is missing.
I believe in the power of proximity,that you become like the people you surround yourself with.
If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join The Next Level Leadership Training and Summit and Change Your Business, Relationships, and Connections FOREVER!
So, Here Is How The Training and Summit Works...
The leadership challenge and training costs $797 to join. This covers your materials and ticket (more info on what is in this kit below).
All the tools and access we're about to give you, costs seven times as much...

In fact, we've actually charged over $5,000 for this... but during this launch ONLY...
...Until June 9th, the price will double and you won't get some sweet bonuses
After You Invest In YOURSELF The Amount of $797, You Get ALL of this:
If you want to increase your capacity and LEAD with POWER and Certainty, then this is the challenge I'm giving you...
You have 100 days Starting June 9th...
Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?
Let Me Break Down EXACTLY What You'll Get When You Join The Challenge Today!
Your Leadership Kit Will Have Everything you Need For SUCCESS In The Next 100 Day Challenge. 
When you join the Next Level Leadership Challenge today (for just $797) I'll give you access to a 2 day summit with my team, the Brotherhood, and million dollar mentors. 100 days of training through video modules, daily voice messages, a dedicated community, and LIVE Weekly Calls.
Let me show you a glimpse of a few of the extras that come with your kit!
The First Thing You'll Get Access to is The...
2 Day Live Event With Raul Villacis and The Inner Circle Leaders!
Led by Coaches Raul Villacis, Christian Abad and The Next Level Brotherhood, The Next Level Leadership Challenge is designed to help you IMPLEMENT and PERSONALIZE your plan in the next 100 days...
Raul Villacis
"The Millionaire Mentor"
Raul Villacis will train you on a weekly basis in a group setting and break down the barriers so you can master leadership. He’ll lay the solid framework, so you can master the CORE fundamentals and strategy behind your customized 100-day plan.
His one-on-one clients pay him $100K a year to have access to this information, you'll get access in a group setting to accelerate your growth.
Christian Abad
"Masters Degree In Detecting Bullsh*t"
Christian Abad has been trained directly by Raul Villacis for the past 5 years. He will help walk you through the process and the “how to” of Leading With Power and Certainty. You'll come up with a plan and EXECUTE on it daily.

He's a master at getting people to take action and look past their stories. You'll take your vision and turn it into reality.
EDGE Brotherhood
"The Band Of Brothers"
The Brotherhood is a curated group of 8-figure earners. They will hold you accountable to do the things you say you want to do. This is not a jerk-off session for you to create vision boards and fantasize. These men run big business and they are looking for support just like you.

With over 100 members and thousands served, the Brotherhood is a group of men from all walks of life with one common goal- GROWTH and EXPANSION.
Here Is Your Mission:
(If You Choose to Accept the Challenge...)
Your Mission Is To TAKE ACTION
And Increase Your Capacity
Every Day For 100 Days 
The Next Level Leadership Summit Will Take Place:
September 17 & 18
In Stamford, CT

Available for ONLY 300 Men

Before the Summit you will have 100 Days of Pre-Training.

At the Summit you'll get 2 Days of Breakthrough and Execution to become the ultimate leader.
Ask yourself..
The Second Thing You'll Get Access to is The...
100 Days Of Training and Accountability
The EDGE Complete Training Modules - 15 + hours
($297 Value)
Recently, I asked 20 of my Next Level Inner Circle members (those who have paid $100,000 to be coach One-On-One) a very loaded question...
"What Is At Risk If...
You lost your business

You lost your wife

You lost your kids

What would you do and what help would you need?

Then I asked them:
Who Do You Need To Become?
Each of them replied to my email with a very simple answer.
They broke it down like I need to be a man who embodies these 4 elements:
  •  Energy
  •  Determination 
  •  Guided 
  •  Execute
Do these four simple things... 
Every single day...

You can see these principles in my trainings,
You can feel this in my message,

You know this because it's who I am,

If you’re lacking the certainty and power you know you need as a man then this is exactly where you need to be...
The Next Level Leadership Challenge is what I would do, from Day 1 to Day 100, if I lost everything, and had to use ONE SYSTEM to get it back.
Each day of the Next Level Leadership Challenge, you’ll be given daily tasks that need to be complete in order to create MOMENTUM.
The Next Level App and system is your companion to the video trainings for Day 1 to 100.
Inside the app you'll track your progress and connect with the brotherhood.
Inside The App You'll Find:
  •  Daily Habit Tracker to see how far you've come and create new healthy habits.
  •  100 Day Video Training Modules to accelerate your growth and kick-start your challenge.
  •  Daily EDGE Podcast to start your morning on fire!
  •  Access to the EDGE Brotherhood community where real men share what's going and provide support.
The Next Level app is designed to hold you accountable and accelerate your growth.

Consider this your guide that spells out everything you need to do each day, so you'll have it all in ONE organized area, and can stay on track!
Bonus #2
Access To Next Level App For Daily Accountability
($497 Value)
Bonus # 3
Weekly Live Training Call With Raul Villacis
($997 Value)
Each week we'll meet virtually for new lessons...

In this hour we'll go over the game to see where you and your team showed up. See the progress you're making in your 100-Day Challenge.


Discuss issues you're having.

Real time training to uncover the deeper issue.
You'll also get access to ALL the past training recordings!
All together that's over 300+ hours of training!
These Bonuses Are ALL Inside The Leadership Challenge Kit...
  •  The EDGE Complete Training Modules - 15 + hours
  •  Access To Next Level App For Daily Accountability
  •  Weekly Live Training Call With Raul Villacis
I'll Give You Instant Access To ALL of This PLUS the FREE Bonuses When You Join The Next Level Leadership Challenge!
What Make Leadership Challenge Different?
The Next Level Leadership Challenge is NOT just some “course” that you’ll never use…

It combines the real life TRAINING…

With the PUSH you need to EXECUTE your vision…

And a “no-bullshit” ACCOUNTABILITY coach who won’t let you off the hook…

The biggest challenge in getting your certainty and power....

It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem...
It’s a Lack of EXECUTION…
As you can probably see, getting access to the Next Level Leadership Challenge is like having Raul Villacis, Christian Abad, and The EDGE Brotherhood as your personal trainers!

The only difference is that you couldn't buy a 1-hour coaching call with any of us for $797.
In fact, right now the CHEAPEST you can hire Raul Villacis for a coaching call is $2,500 an hour.

So, to get 100 days with us, for just $797 is crazy!

Yet you get everything we talked about above for FREE when you join the Next Level Leadership Challenge today!

Sounds exciting right? If you're ready to transform your life, then NOW is the time to take action!
This Challenge Is NOT For Everyone!
If you want to watch every day of the challenge, and say “Thanks, Raul! That was a great insight!”
...but never actually do anything with it, that’s entirely up to you.
(But chances are, nothing will actually change in your business or life…If that’s what you want to do, then this challenge is probably not for you).

If you are willing to man up and do the SIMPLE steps each day then I guarantee this will work for you.

If you want to be trained daily by Raul Villacis and The Next Level Experience, and be GUIDED in the right direction...
If you need a good hard WAKE UP CALL from a coach who will hold you accountable, and make sure that you get these tasks DONE (no bullshit)...

Then we invite you to accept the Next Level Leadership Challenge and start creating momentum in your business and life!
So, What's The Secret Catch...?
I put this challenge together because I KNOW that if I help ONE man get his life together- he's impacting thousands. His employees will see the change, his family will feel the change, and most importantly HE will become an embodiment of what it means to have The EDGE.

That's it... no "get rich quick" scheme - just solid execution on the stuff you know you need to be doing but aren't. 

In fact, the $797 barely covers the cost per person for the Summit, not to mention all the bonuses you'll receive...
Our GOAL is to help as many men as possible and we can only do that with we need you to be exposed to what we're doing, and hopefully you'll share with someone else and impact someone else's life. 

Because we have a philosophy here at The Next Level Experience, No man gets left behind. We'll do everything we can to help you see a light at the end of the tunnel but you have to show up and commit to investing in yourself.

Our goal after the challenge you'll chose to continue with the brotherhood, and attend the Next Level Leadership Summit and if you qualify, The EDGE Bootcamp.

Does that sound life a good deal?

We think so.
Why Timing Is Everything...
The Next Level Leadership Summit is September 17 and 18...

In order for you to get the most out of the Summit, you need to be primed and ready to be present and absorb the content...

If this page is open, that means challenge spots are still open, but will be closing down soon.

If you're wondering, "Why can't I just come to the next challenge and summit?"

Well, maybe...

BUT, the price will be significantly higher, and if you wait I don't know If I can guarantee a spot.

Most importantly, think about who will suffer because you decided to wait until it was convenient for you to get your shit together.

NOW is the best time to get started on your growth and begin The Next Level Leadership Challenge
I guarantee that if you participate in the challenge, show up to the daily challenge and implement what you learn, by the time the challenge is done, you will have a new action plan for life and solid foundation to grow your business, connections, and purpose

Oh, and if for some odd reason you don't get results or think this is bullshit - simply  ask for a refund and we'll return your investment. That’s no bullshit.

Pretty simple.

But if you're like most people, this experience will change your business and life.
Here's Your Next Step...
Now it's up to you...
I'm giving you all the tools, I've done everything I can to help you see the vision and what's possible, you must make a decision.

Keep playing small or jump into a world of PURPOSE and EXPANSION.

Thank you for taking your time to watch the modules, read my content, and be part of the journey.

-Raul Villacis
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:
When you join the Next Level Leadership Challenge today (for just $797) I'll give you access to a 2-day summit with my team, the brotherhood, and million dollar mentors. 100 days of training through video modules, daily voice messages, a dedicated community, and LIVE Weekly Calls.
Oh, and if for some odd reason you don't get results or think this bogus- simply ask for a refund and we'll return your investment.
Sound good? If you're a man tired of living in a world of uncertainty then join the Next Level Leadership Challenge to start leading with POWER.
Here's A Recap Of
If you want to take your life to the next level and start LEADING with POWER and Certainty, then this is the challenge we're giving you...
You Have 100 Days Starting June 17th....
Do YOU Accept?
Join The Next Level Leadership Challenge Today
For Only $797
2 Payments of $397
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