Certainty is the new currency in times of chaos.
Certainty is the new currency in times of chaos.
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The rules of business have changed, and it’s time you accept the fact that while things will go back to normal, they will never go back to the way they were.

After the year we’ve had you must feel EXHAUSTED!
As a successful businessman, it seems like you’re always putting out fires.

But there’s never been a fire like the one we had in 2020.
Now that it appears that the worst is behind us, you may be asking yourself...


How do I build MOMENTUM in my business when everything has changed?
Many organizations have lost customers to competitors, lost inventory, and some have closed their doors permanently.

But you may have lost more than that.
You’ve lost the EDGE.

The psychological toll that 2020 has taken on high-level performers has only exacerbated feelings of loneliness and helplessness in men who appear on the outside to be on top of the world.
The thrill of the hunt is gone.

The connection between you and your wife may feel like there is an ocean between you.
High performance has turned into going through the motions because you’re afraid to stop.

You can’t figure out how to build MOMENTUM and you can’t understand how others around you are winning bigger than ever before. What is their SECRET?

It’s not that they KNOW EVERYTHING

But they have the CERTAINTY they are going figure things out.

They KNOW HOW to take the PUNCHES and come back STRONGER.
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Jay Abraham

The 21.7 Billion Dollar Man & Highest Paid Marketing Consultant: a proven business leader and top executive coach in the United States.


Steven Kotler

Expert in High Performance and Flow State

Joe De Sena

CEO of Spartan Race

For over a decade I have trained entrepreneurs and high performers not just how to excel in business but in how to succeed in all areas of life.

To stop learning how to balance and compartmentalize, and start INTEGRATING the EDGE into everything they DO.

My journey started when I lost my edge.
I was a warrior in the real estate world. I did more by age 30 than most people do in their whole lives.
Then the crash of 2008 took it all away.

But I was still a warrior. Through hard work and persistence I was able to earn it all back.
I thought being able to bounce back from adversity was what it meant to have the EDGE.

But it wasn’t.
Even though I was on top of the world in my business, with a happy wife and two beautiful children at home, I was just going through the motions.

My problem turned into a PHYSICAL PAIN.
I went to a dozen doctors and specialists, and they all insisted that nothing was wrong with me and it was all in my HEAD. I did what every man learned to do when we are FACED with challenges.

I numbed the pain with ALCOHOL.

It lasted over a YEAR until I made the CHOICE to figure out what was wrong with me.
I traveled all over the world and spent over half a million dollars looking for answers.
What I found was EVERY MEN will go through this stage in their life.
It’s called the TUNNEL.

This is where you find THE EDGE.

I’ve spent the last decade working with entrepreneurs and high performers and teaching them my version of what I learned traveling the world learning from the biggest names in business, personal development, the flow state, psychology, and self-care.
Now is the time for you to create momentum in the middle of chaos.
All through 2020, I helped entrepreneurs learn how to build certainty and rebuild their business after being shut down.

My clients run 7-, and even 8-figure businesses.

The stakes are higher than ever, and failure is not an option.

I’ve helped give them the system and the framework to adapt to the new normal.
To find the opportunities to win when others are looking for excuses why they failed.

Many of my clients had a better year in 2020 than they did in 2019!

But at the same time, it can’t be done without hard work, the capacity to learn from failure, the emotional fitness to get back up when life knocks you down, and an unshakeable faith within you.

This is what separates those who DREAM from those who DO.
What separates those who REACT from those who ACT.
Those who SURVIVE from those who SUCCEED.

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