Leaders are made in times of chaos.
Leaders are made in times of chaos.
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There is no shortage of men who want to LEAD…

Nowadays, it’s easy to call yourself a leader, all you need to do is create a profile on social media, have a business card, and call yourself the “CEO of your life.”

The culture has glamorized entrepreneurship and this generation is obsessed with hustle, self-promotion, and being able to gain financial freedom… but only working a 4 hour work week.

The truth is that entrepreneurship is FUCKING HARD!

9 out of 10 businesses fail the first year.

And less than 3% make it to the 10-year mark.

The 97% that fail, it isn’t because of lack of motivation, or ambition, and in today’s market, it’s definitely not because of a lack of information…

The biggest difference between those who make it in business and those who fail is...
The problem is, you can’t learn to be a leader just by attending a seminar or reading a book.

Most businessmen and high performers already understand the value of information.

There’s no denying that reading and learning from the “business gurus” can help you get started and established in business.

But where do you go to become a better LEADER?

When you have payroll to manage and clients to keep up with?

When you’re struggling to grow the business past where it’s at now, while at the same time, trying to maintain a personal life and not LOSE your BALANCE?

When you feel like even though you’re the boss, you’re still stuck in the rat race...

And uncertainty and fear begin to creep in...

See, that’s the piece of it all almost no one talks about.

How do you become a high performer and continue to grow and expand without burning out?

This is the dilemma for 95% of the men that I work with on a daily basis

It's not that they don’t know what to do…
They know how to grow their business, but they don’t know how to lead in their personal lives.

Their relationships take second place to their business.

And they put themselves LAST and end up BURNING OUT.

And most of the time, they have no other men around them to relate to the struggles they’re experiencing.
If the answer to that question is yes, I’ve built my entire mission to help men like you.

Men like you, who understand that the answer is to become a LEADER not just to reach success.

Men who know that you can’t create an impact by working a FOUR HOUR work week.

Men who know that in order for you to go to the next level you need to be around others that will hold you to a HIGHER STANDARD
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Next Level Leadership Summit Virtual Experience
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I was in those exact shoes.

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and at one point I found myself burned out, depressed, and disconnected from my family.

I searched for a program that would help me get out of my rut, but nothing seemed to work.

I eventually turned to alcohol, and I drank every single day, while pretending to everyone else that everything was fine.

Eventually, I realized that all the money in the world doesn’t give a man PURPOSE.

I realized I was only excelling in one area of my life!

I completely neglected being a father and husband, the 2 other major areas of my life.

I loved my wife, I loved my kids….
But my actions said I loved my business MORE.

Which drove a wedge between me and my family.

I owed it to my family to discover the PRINCIPLES that would help me become the leader they needed me to be.
This is when I first learned that there were no resources out there for men in my shoes…

Some touched on pieces of it, but nothing spoke to MY situation.

No one understood, because no one out there was willing to talk about this.

I’ve been to all the big names in personal development myself.
But what I realized is that they all were unwilling to be real about the actual problems men like us face on a daily basis.

Most personal development and training programs are ONE-DIMENSIONAL.

- If I went to a business event, they would only tell me how to improve my business.

- If I went to a meditation retreat, they would teach me how to be spiritual.

- If I went to a health retreat, they would teach me how to eat and exercise.
But never how to make time or energy to INTEGRATE all areas of my life.

It took me 5 years and over $500,000 in seminars and programs to discover the system and the process that helps men discover their own unique code to the EDGE.
For the last 5 years, I have been teaching businessmen how to turn PAIN into FUEL and give them the SYSTEMS and the PROCESSES to create the DISCIPLINE it takes to WIN in all areas of their lives CONSISTENTLY.

So I put together the Next Level Leadership Summit so we can help men like you connect with other men that will hold you to a HIGHER STANDARD.
This Summit is an experience for businessmen to come together and experience a deeper connection and share strategies that are relevant to their problems.

It’s a real, raw, and open experience where you will be challenged through peer-to-peer conversations and tasks.

We will focus on how to produce in business at higher levels than ever before, while SIMULTANEOUSLY connecting with your wife and kids at deeper levels.

The Next Level Leader Summit is where successful entrepreneurs, who run 6-, 7- and even 8-figure businesses, share the knowledge that makes them not just a LEADER in their business but a LEADER for their families.

In addition, we also share the system and the processes that will give you the emotional fitness to stop reacting to life and instead lead with certainty and purpose.

Here is what you will learn at the Next Level Leadership Summit:

  • The strategies I use with my 7-Figure clients to help them reignite their certainty.
  • ​How to build your emotional fitness AND intelligence to be able to overcome challenges.
  • ​The secrets to a deeper connection and passion with your wife.
  • ​How to optimize your productivity for you and your team.
  • ​How to increase your levels of energy with scientifically-proven methods.
  • ​How to tap into flow state on a daily basis to inspire innovation in your business with ease.
  • ​A simple health strategy from guest speaker Dr. Bart Precourt to eliminate brain fog and increase natural energy.
  • ​Peer-to-Peer connections and networking opportunities with other businessmen.
  • ​The keys to becoming laser focused and disciplined with ease.
  • ​An unforgettable experience that will FORCE you to level up.
Through this two day, live, in-person experience, you’ll have the blueprint to become a LEADER your family needs you to be.

But more importantly, more in touch with yourself.

I look forward to meeting you and creating the space for the breakthrough you need to go to the next level.

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